CHED-Tulong Dunong Scholarship 2023

CHED- Tulong  Dunong  Scholarship 2023 offering the Grants-in-Aid Program (Tulong Dunong Scholarship) to support filipino college students with financial aid needed to pursue their academic dreams.

CHED- Tulong  Dunong is hosted by The Commission on Higher Education (CHED Philippines. This scholarship for the year 2023 is for the undergraduate students who want to pursue undergraduate studies in any field and in any institution. The CHED-Tulong  Dunong scholarship Philippines is open for all the local high school graduates who want to enroll in any college.

Background of CHED – Tulong Dunong Philippines:

The sponsor of this CHED- Tulong Dunong for Filipino students that is commission of higher education is covering both private and public sectors of higher education. It deals with all the degree granting programs as well.  As articulated in the Long Term Development Plan of CHED, provisions for “Access and Equity” with the establishment and maintenance of scholarship, grants-in-aid and loan programs are provided to deserving students.

It has provided facilities and financial assistance to the poor and needy Filipino students who are passionate about continuing their higher education but do not have proper resources to do so.

Why Opt for CHED -Tulong Dunong Scholarship?

CHED – Tulong Dunong scholarship is specifically for those Filipino students who do not have enough resources to continue their undergraduate degrees in a college. This scholarship will examine the applications and provide all the financial assistance that is needed for poor students individually

Filipino students who have a passing grade in the last two semesters of their degree and are enrolled in identified priority courses in duly authorized public or private colleges are encouraged to apply for CHED- Tulong Dunong scholarship.

Why Study at Philippine?

Philippines has the best universities that are recognized all around the world. It’s top four universities are ranked among the world’s best universities according to QS world ranking 2018 and further two universities featured in QS Asia ranking 2018.

The top four universities are:

Alongside the beauty of Philippines, the higher education system there is among the best in the world. Which is ranked 46th in the first edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings.

Philippines also attracts a lot of international students because of its offer of education at a very affordable cost. Most international students are from other countries in Asia.

What is the worth of CHED-Tulong Dunong Scholarship – 2023?

The package of CHED- Tulong Dunong for needy Filipino students will be six semesters for a three year program, eight semesters for a four year program or ten semesters for a five year program.

The financial benefits given to students covers all tuition fee as billed not to exceed Php12,000.00 per academic year.

Financial Assistance for other programs is as follows:

  • Full Merit Program – P15,000 per semester
  • Half Merit Program – P7,500 per semester
  • Study Now Pay Later Plan – P7,500 per semester

Eligibility Criteria for CHED -Tulong Dunong Scholarship for Filipino Students:

The followings are the eligibility criteria for CHED- Tulong Dunong for Filipino students

  • Applicants must be citizen of Philippine
  • Applicant must be a high school graduate with earned units in college and passer of Alternative Learning System (ALS) / Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT)
  • The family income or gross income of the applicant must not exceed Three Hundred Thousand Pesos (PhP 400,000.00)
  • Applicant must not be a graduate of any graduate program anywhere
  • Applicant must avail for only one CHED scholarship or financial assistance program

Required Documents for CHED- Tulong Dunong Scholarship:

The applicants must submit the following documents with their applications for CHED- Tulong Dunong scholarship for Filipino students.

  • CHED StuFAPs Application (OSS Form 01)
  • Duly certified HighSchool Report Card for third year and grades for the first three grading periods for the fourth year.
  • Latest Income Tax Return(ITR), Certificate of Tax Exemption or Copy of Contract/proof of income of parents/guardian from the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
  • Certificate of good moral character from the high school principal/guidance counselor

The incoming freshmen

For the fourth year high school applicants – third year grades and first three grading periods of the fourth year

For high school graduates – fourth year Form 138

Applicants with Earned Units in College

Certificate of grades in all subjects in their  completed semesters

For Other Applicants

ALS – Accreditation and Equivalency Test Passer Certificate

PEPT – Certificate of Advancing to the Next Level

Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of parents and Guardians

Those applicants who are exempted from filing income tax, a Certificate of Tax exemption from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) should be submitted.

For children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and seafarers, the latest copy of contract or proof of income may be considered.

Certificate of good moral character from the last school attended should be attached as well.

How to Apply for :

CHED Scholarship 2023 Application Procedure are as follows:

To apply for CHED Scholarship 2023, applicants should follow the following procedures:

  • Get a copy of CHED StuFAPs application form from CHED offices or download it.
  • fill the form and submit it to CHED Regional Offices together with all documentary requirements which are mentioned above.
  • After evaluation, CHED will contact or mail you regarding the status of your application.
  • Student applicants should submit the accomplished CHED StuFAPS Application (StuFAPs Form 1) directly to the CHED Regional Office.
  • However, applicants who intend to enroll in State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) shall directly submit their StuFAPs Form 1 to the concerned SUCs.


Accepting Application from March 1
Last date of submission: May 31

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