George Brown College International Student Leadership Scholarships, Canada

Highly passionate students have an excellent way to manage their finances by requesting international student leadership scholarships at George Brown College in Canada. The program is available for the academic session 2021-2022. Study grants are open for international students who wish to be part of the Master’s program at George Brown College. Established in 1967, George Brown College of Application Arts and Technology is a fully accredited arts and technology public school in central Toronto, with three full campuses (Ontario, Canada). Why study at George Brown College? George Brown provides a wide range of recent immigrant programs and international students in art and design, businesses, community services, early childhood technology, construction and engineering technology, health science, hospitality and culinary arts, preparatory studies, as well As specialized programs and specialized programs and services.

Why Leadership Scholarships?

Only successful candidates will be informed. Moreover, the recipients of successful scholarships are not eligible to apply again for a second scholarship. All attribute beneficiaries require a valid Canadian social insurance number. Prices are considered as part of a student’s taxable income for the year. The College will issue T4A forms to all beneficiaries in the spring of the year following the year the price has been issued. Rewards are provided to return students based on eligibility requirements as described below.


George Brown College will provide an education fund for stakeholders and outstanding students in Canada.


  • Applications are accepted from around the world.
  • The candidate must enroll in a Master’s program course on any topic offered by the University.
  • The candidate must be an international student.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.5 must have been recorded.
  • Must be involved with enthusiasm in the community (university and external)

How to Apply

  • Applicants should apply for admission to a master’s program at George Brown College.
  • Applicants must submit a CV, academic transcripts, passport, letter of recommendation, and other relevant documents.
  • Applicants must verify the admission requirements of the program.
  • If your education has not been carried out in the English language, it is expected to show evidence of an adequate level of English.


Avail Leadership Scholarships, and gain educational benefits In Canada before its deadline of April 5, 2021

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