International Student Continuation Scholarships in USA

Getting a degree is always beneficial in a career, but it can be difficult with some financial barriers. To cover study expenses, the State University of Oregon offers international student continuation scholarships. This funding opportunity is available for exceptional international students who wish to start a licensing program at Oregon State University. The University of the State of Oregon is a university-led by research in Corvallis, or with 2 campuses, 11 schools, 12 experimental stations. It is a dynamic and favorable culture that has been educating students since 1868. It is the largest university in Oregon and is renowned for its various research activities. Why study at Oregon State University? Students can choose from more than 200 undergraduate programs and 100 master’s degrees as a student at Oregon¬†State University. These courses are structured to help students grow talents that are both marketable and real.

Why Choose OSU?

The historic Osu campus is located in the heart of Corvallis, characterized by its red brick buildings, growing trees, and lush greenery. The commemorative union, where students gather to study and socialize and where many OSU student clubs are based, is the centerpiece of the campus community. The animated Osu campus is stimulating and diversified and the Corvallis community is welcoming. CORVALLIS city center is just a 15-minute walk from campus, where a wide range of local prosperous restaurants. Fresh seafood with pan-Asian and Latin fusion, Corvallis is a real destination of food. Local breweries also abound. The farmer’s market, open Wednesdays and Saturdays, brings the Willamette valley bonus to a place where fresh products, meat, cheese, bread, and others are available. It is a quiet community ideal to study, but there is always something to do – a huge domestic football center with hiking, rafting, camping, and skiing.


All eligible students, who meet all admission requirements, will get $ 2,500 to continue an undergraduate course at the Oregon State University.


  • Applications are accepted from countries around the globe
  • Candidates must choose an undergraduate degree program in any field
  • Candidates must be foreign students
  • Aspirants should wish to register for an undergraduate program at the Oregon State University
  • Candidates must be first-year students with international direct services with a GPA of 3.75 years and over.

How to Apply

  • After being selected to study in an undergraduate course of the Oregon State University, candidates must fulfill the general application and international application to Scholardollars.
  • Applicants must submit the following documents with their application for admission: a pre-qualification test diploma, copies of academic transcriptions, certificates of competence in English, a declaration, and a copy of the passport.
  • Minimum requirements for a first cycle program from the Oregon State University, candidates must have a high school diploma.
  • Language requirements vary from one class to another.


Avail Continuation Scholarships and gain educational benefits In the USA before its deadline of August 25, 2021

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