KUAS-E Scholarships for International Students in Japan

Education gives us knowledge of the world around us. For this reason, the University of Kyoto Science Advanced provides e-brush scholarships for international students. The education award will cover up to 100% of tuition fees for candidates who want to pursue a master’s degree and doctorate courses in the brush in Japan. The University of Advanced Science of Kyoto is turning into a comprehensive university that offers a special career development environment and stimulates. Our engineering department and postgraduate school mission is to develop a mind that is able to develop a new technology platform. Why study Advance Science at Kyoto University? Students will learn new techniques and techniques while studying brushes. It makes sense for technical graduates to seek this synergy and consider opportunities outside of their specific area.

Why KUAS-E Scholarships?

In Kuas, they aim to:

· Develop progressive human resources capable of defining the challenges that will train the future and the provision of solutions.

· Develop initiatives for a modern grass society and pursue advanced research that solves the various problems of society.

· Play a leading role in the world’s contribution today and tomorrow by developing human resources and participating in research


Funded: Partially


  • Tuition fee reduction (100%, 50% or 30%)
  • Reduction of registration fees (100%, 50% or 30%)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications are accepted from all over the world
  • Candidate must enroll at a Master or Doctoral in Engineering
  • Candidates have obtained a master’s degree or qualification equivalent to special knowledge in the fields associated with mechanical and electrical machine techniques
  • eager to overcome complex contemporary problems and find innovative solutions that contribute to the future of the community from a global perspective
  • Very motivated to deal with many problems by pursuing the highest level of scientific and academic expertise in the field they choose.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this educational program, you are advised to enroll in PhD program at the Kyoto University of Kyoto Advanced. After you receive an invitation to register, you can then register through the online application portal.

• Supporting documents: Please make sure all required documents must be submitted.

• Registration requirements: The main entry requirements think that each applicant has completed the equivalent of 16 years of education, including graduating from a university program. For doctoral programs, each applicant must graduate from undergraduate programs and graduate (master level).

• Language Requirements: You must meet the minimum score needed to ensure the level of your English proficiency. To confirm which test they receive and the minimum score applies.


Avail KUAS-E Scholarships and gain educational benefits In Japan before its deadline of February 26, 2021

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