China Scholarships

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Did you just graduate from high school, but don’t know where to head from over there? Universities in China are offering several scholarship opportunities for international students. Including top universities of China, these scholarships are applicable to students at undergraduate, postgraduate, Post Doc, PhD, diplomas, research/ scientist and even those who are looking for informative training and short courses.

Despite not being a developed country, China still shows encouraging results. Possessing a competitive environment academically, China offers quite impressive scholarships to local and international students. Regardless of having a competitive eligibility criterion, scholarships in China are offering benefits like partial funding, full funding, tuition waiver, accommodation, stipend, as well as, medical insurance. Scholarships and grants offered by Chinese universities are merit based as well, so that increases the chances for the more dedicated students.

As suggested by our scholarship database, studying in China can be a life-changing experience for international students. Studying among one of the most academically strong student body in one of the most prestigious universities can definitely aid students in shaping their personalities and future career prospects.