Denmark Scholarships

25 Total Scholarships

Are you an ambitious student, but cannot afford to go abroad to expand their academic horizons? You should definitely look into Denmark. According to our scholarship search engine Denmark has numerous scholarship opportunities that can bring drastic changes to your academic path.  Offering varying scholarships to both Danish nationals and international students, Danish universities are giving substantial funding in the form of grants, fellowships, scholarships, loan schemes, and other funds.

Providing numerous scholarship opportunities, universities in Denmark are targeting postgraduate, Post Doc and PhD students mostly. Even though some universities are giving scholarships to undergraduate students as well, but the prospects are much better for the postgraduates, Post Doc, PhD and other fellowship students.  They are also open to funding educational conferences through their travel grants.

When it comes to the nature of scholarships that you will get from Danish universities, benefits vary with each university, degree/course level, nationality and type of scholarship. Both national and international students who don’t have the financial means should avail the opportunities being offered by universities in Denmark which are facilities like full funding, partial funding, pension contributions, monthly stipends, full financial support, housing support, tuition fees, travel grants, salaries, travel expenses, medical coverage, and accommodation. However, always keep in mind that these benefits vary for each type of scholarship, degree and the applicant’s nationality.

As shown by our scholarship database, some of the best universities in Denmark are giving students locally and internationally a chance to study abroad at an affordable price. What aspect makes Denmark stand out are the numerous prospects it has for students in the biotechnology related fields. Possessing latest technology and amazing faculty teams, Denmark should be on the top places for medical sciences international students.

So, if you are either interested in engineering or want to expand their research internationally in the biotechnology field, then Denmark is your place. Not only will the universities their fund your research, but also introduce you to extraordinary technology and people.