France Scholarships

24 Total Scholarships

Done with your high school, but don’t know where to apply for your higher studies? You should look into France. As suggested by our comprehensive scholarship database, universities in France are offering a variety of scholarships to both French nationals and international students. Possessing varying eligibility criteria, students opting for different degree levels like undergraduate, post graduate, Post Doc, PhD, short training courses as well as research fellow/scientist are encouraged to apply.

Institut Pasteur-Doctoral, Postdoctoral, Study, Traineeship Grants of CALMETTE AND YERSIN

According to our search engine, some of the best universities in France are offering scholarship opportunities to students who are willing to show a committed attitude, especially academically. While some scholarships might be offering partial funding, there are those who are offering full funding, along with other benefits like living and insurance expenses, travel and visa expenses, along with other expenses in some cases.

Presence of merit based scholarships is a plus point for those international students, who have shown promising results academically. Hence, those of you who consider themselves to be academically strong and want to pursue their PhD from abroad, then France is offering career-changing scholarship opportunities for you.

Consisting of varying scholarships, French universities can be a good starting point for those international and French national students, who are ambitious and academically sound enough, but don’t have the financial means to study abroad.  Universities over there are providing several growing opportunities in the field of mathematics and technology for postgraduate, Post Doc and PhD students.

Hence, if you are committed towards your future goals and know what you want to achieve in your academic and professional life, then do keep France in your mind. Studying in France will not just aid you in your academic endeavors, but also develop your personality and social networking skills, which happen to be very useful in job hunting.