Germany Scholarships

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Always heard about the various scholarship opportunities in Germany, but never knew how or where to start from? Our website has you covered. As suggested by our detailed overseas scholarships database, Germany is one of the ideal destinations for higher studies.  Offering varying levels of funding and numerous other additional benefits to students from different degree levels, national and international students should look into German universities. The different types of degree levels that German scholarships cater to are undergraduate, postgraduate, Post Doc, PhD, diploma, research fellow/scientist, and MBA.

Consisting of numerous highly ranked German universities, browsing through our search engine shows that each university offers a different type of scholarship based on nationality, type of program, degree/course level and merit/ awards. Funding may be partial or full with additional benefits like allowances, tuition fees, travel expenses, health insurance, monthly stipends, accommodation expenses, boarding expenses, insurance, airfare, and other benefits.

Various types of scholarships are available in German universities like fellowships, grants and waivers. Open to both German nationals and international students, these scholarships aren’t restricted to a specific field. Opportunities are present for fields as diverse as molecular biology and as mainstream as an MBA. Options are available for all types of students, nationalities, degree/ course levels or programs. Even though some scholarship benefits and funding tend to vary according to the student’s nationality, merit, research and program.

Unlike other countries, Germany is offering women-centered scholarships for ambitious and aspiring women. Those female international students, who are planning on doing post doc or MBA from abroad, should look into Germany. Giving wide funding and other research opportunities, German universities is a good option from young women.

Moreover, our Fulbright database reveals that Germany is offering Fulbright scholarships to German nationals only, but at the post graduate level, hence, giving the German students a great chance to excel academically.  Thus, studying in Germany will not just sharpen your skills, but polish your portfolio good enough to generate more productive academic and professional ventures.