India Scholarships

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Were you aware that universities in India are offering numerous scholarship opportunities for young aspiring individuals? Students from varying degree levels are open to apply to Indian universities. If you are at the high school/ secondary school level, undergraduate, post graduate, Post Doc, PhD, research, scientist,  or even planning on enrolling an international training and/or short course, India might be a good option for you. Level of funding tends to vary for each university and type of scholarship. While some might be offering partial funding, there are those who are offering full funding as well as other additional benefits.

As suggested by our detailed scholarship database, universities in India are providing funding to Indian nationals more openly as compared to other nationals. However, there are some selected universities that are open to international students, who belong to developing countries, Asia, Middle East, European countries, South Africa, Mozambique, and Angola, African Union. So those belonging to these nationalities should definitely look into these Indian universities.

Moreover, Indian being a huge advocate of women empowerment is also offering women-centered scholarships. These scholarships are open to international female students with partial funding. However, they are only open to undergraduate students, so relevant candidates should look into it. Similarly, there are scholarships that provide funding based on the nationalities, so students that meet the criteria should keep these scholarships on their application list. International post graduate and PhD students belonging to low and middle income countries are also encouraged to apply for outstanding research opportunities and scholarship benefits like partial funding, monthly allowance, return fare, one-time allowance for book and supplies, along with the coverage of other expenses.

Hence, if you are a girl who is facing discrimination in her country regarding education or belong to an impoverished country, but are ambitious about his/her educational and professional prospects, then you should definitely apply to India for your higher studies. Even though, very few opportunities are present for international students, but you should still look into their eligibility criteria.