International Scholarships

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Do you want to study abroad, but don’t have the financial means to? Do you belong to a developing country and can’t find enough scholarship opportunities abroad? Are you a struggling international student who wants to apply for the best scholarships from leading universities worldwide? Our scholarship search engine has you covered. Whether it is partially or fully funded, we provide countless scholarships for international students for students belonging to different degree levels like undergraduate, postgraduate, masters, MBA, PhD, Post Doc, and diploma.

Even though some of the universities are offering partial funding, there are also those that are offering full funding scholarships for international students with additional benefits like accommodation, traveling, stationery and books, along with monthly stipends. However, students need to keep one thing in mind before applying, that is that every scholarship is different from another. While one might be covering all of the expenses, others don’t. Variations are mostly based on the type of country, type of university, degree level, academic discipline, nationality of the students, and most of all, their merit.

Similarly, there are growth opportunities from private or government funded scholarships, which can be a good support system for those who are planning on applying for college scholarships for international students. Having a focused direction is extremely important for young international graduates and this is what our forum serves to do.

According to our list of international scholarships, a number of countries are offering Fulbright to all the deserving candidates, especially based on their merit. Encompassing diverse academic fields like finance majors, biology majors, physics, political science, business, economics, and accounting, the scholarships are open to everyone. It doesn’t matter what academic discipline you belong to, you will find yourself eligible to a quite a number of scholarship opportunities abroad. Similarly, those of you who had been searching for grants and fellowships for their post-doctoral research will come across countless growth opportunities worldwide.