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Are you an MBA student that has been searching for scholarships abroad? Are you an international student who cannot afford to pay for their MBA? Worry not because we have you covered. Our extensive scholarship search engine offers MBA scholarships for both men and women from the lead universities of the world. Open to students from all countries, be it a developing one like India and Pakistan or a developed one like the United States and the United Kingdom, international students can avail numerous scholarship prospects from our database.

Leading universities from all around the world are offering scholarships to business school students. The funding for these scholarships tends to vary based on factors like the type of university, scholarship, programme enrolled, merit, extra-curricular activities and nationality of the student. Despite the presence of differentiating factors that might alter your prospects for getting selected for a scholarship, the probability of an international student receiving a business scholarship aren’t that slim pickens.

With universities being less discriminatory and more inclusive these days, young women will come across numerous MBA scholarships for women, which will give them a greater chance of being accepted by a business school which offers funding. Funding can be both partial and full, but international students can also receive additional benefits based on their scholarship type. These scholarship benefits include coverage of expenses like living, travel, stationery, books, tuition and others. Some fortunate ones also get monthly stipends.

A huge number of international universities are giving students a chance to fulfill their dreams by providing them funding in the form of MBA grants as well. While some universities are admitting students on fully funded MBA programs, there are also those who are offering scholarships for executive and part time MBA as well. Therefore, if you are eligible and consider yourself to be ambitious and want to pursue their academic and professional ventures in the field of business, finance, marketing, management, human resource and accounting, then apply away.