New Zealand Scholarships

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Are you someone wants to go abroad for studying, but isn’t sure where to begin from? New Zealand should be one of your top options. Offering diverse scholarship opportunities to all degree levels like high/secondary school, undergraduate, postgraduate, Post Doc, PhD, diploma, along with, short training courses, the best universities in New Zealand are providing an opportunity to New Zealand nationals and international students to excel. Including life-changing scholarships from one of the top universities, New Zealand doesn’t exclude any nationality.

Ranked quite high in the global education system, our search engine reveals that universities in New Zealand provide scholarships, grants and waivers in a variety of disciplines and course levels. While most are only targeted towards undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and Post Doc, there are few that also offer different scholarship opportunities to those doing diplomas or are at the high school/secondary level.

According to our database, New Zealand offers Fulbright and Common Wealth scholarships to students at postgraduate, PhD and doctorate level with partial funding and country specific applicants. Apart from this, there are several universities that are offering benefits like tuition fees (both full and partial), flight expenses, health insurance, living allowance, and stipend, accommodation, and student visa fees. Some conditions are applied based on the type of university, degree, course level, merit and nationality.

Unlike most countries, universities in New Zealand offers scholarships in diverse programs like music, arts, drug discovery and development, seismology, and cooking to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Such opportunities allow students to expand their horizons and build a deeper understanding of themselves and their work.

While not most universities in New Zealand are covering accommodation, flight charges, health insurance or other living expenses, but the growth opportunities present over here for local and international students are immense.