Numerical Cognition, Learning and Development International PhD Positions in Australia

International and domestic students desire to attain doctorate degree from well reputed university of Australia are welcomed to apply scholarship for PhD. Numerical Cognition, Learning and Development International PhD Positionsin Australia has announced an excellent opportunity for deserving students, managed by Macquarie University. An Ambitious applicants eager to study and research on children’s numeracy and mathematical skill are encouraged to join in Numerical Cognition, Learning and Development International PhD Positionsin Australia, 2020
Macquarie University established in 1964 have a great academic ranking positioned 239th in the world academic positioning in 2014.

Why You Should Pick Macquarie University?

The University is well known and globally recognized for business, health and medical sciences having five faculties in addition to Hospital and School of Management. Australia’s foremost private non-profit University produces highly qualified professionals
The PhD scholarship will be awarded to two distinguished candidates which will cover Tuition Fee Offset and a Living Allowance Stipend. Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship announced to grant full-time stipend rate of $27,596 per annum (in 2019 tax-exempt for up to 3 years – indexed annually).


Australian and international students having background of psychology, cognitive science or educational studies can apply in PhD degree program offered by University.
Students interested in following categories can also apply:

  • Numerical cognition (experimental studies from a psychological/cognitive science perspective investigating how we represent and activate numerical information and other representations associated with magnitude).
  • Numeracy in the preschool / early primary classroom (pedagogical approaches, instructional quality, intervention for low achievers).
  • Assessment and development of working memory and executive functioning/self-regulation in young children.
  • Impact of hearing loss on child development and learning.
  • Informal opportunities for learning numeracy and mathematics in the home and classroom environment.
  • Assessment and intervention for children with mathematical learning difficulties.

Procedure To Apply:

Students must posses verified bachelor’s and Master’s degree in related subjects.
Education award can be claimed by students who has been registered for PhD degree at Macquarie University. Candidate must posses CV, letter of motivation, letter of recommendation, personal statement and academic transcript. Student must have a proficiency in English language.


Candidate must apply online before October 31,2020.

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