Middle East And North Africa Scholarship

If you want to study in Netherlands and just become eligible for Training & Short courses studies then you are lucky because Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced scholarship for the academic year of 2022 -2023 in any of the available Training & Short courses degree program. These scholarships will be awarded under the title of Middle East And North Africa Scholarship to the hardworking, talented and deserving students. This educational award will provide you a Partial Funding, Depends on the programme depending upon the scholarship you earn. The best track record you have the more coverage you will be able to receive. The deadline to avail this scholarship has not finalized yet but make sure to check the program website if any latest development in this matter has been made.


  • Applicants must work and reside in one of the countries on the MSP/MENA country list.
  • Females candidates are specifically encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants must be nominated by the employer to be considered for nomination.
  • Candidates must not belong to an organization that has its own means of staff-development or is regarded as a large business.

Documents Required

  • Applicants need to provide an employer’s statement.
  • Must submit a motivation on why the candidates wish to be nominated.
  • Applicants working in a government entity are required to provide a government statement.
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