RevenueZen Social Selling International Scholarship, 2021

With the reason for the student’s talents reward in the United States, Revenzen provides the social sales program for the academic year 2021-2022. The Revenuezen Social Selling Award is available for any first and undergraduate cycle that seeks to innovate the hiring process. Revenzen is a boot growth agency managed by former Silicon Valley revenue leaders, focused on B2B content marketing, lead generation, and LinkedIn services. Companies come to us when they need lean growth strategies that offer long-term leading, revenue, and growth. Why should you postulate this program? They believe that significant success is really possible only when we act according to their values. This means defending and translating these values ​​into reality, even when the situation becomes difficult.

Why RevenueZen Scholarship?

The revenge social sales scholarship is a reward for any current or undergraduate that seeks to innovate the hiring process. In an ideal world, what are hiring and job demand look like a job? How are you going to stand out? The Revenuezen Stock Exchange has a brief submission process and candidates will be judged on their ability to transmit their idea of ​​an innovative social sales process focused on hiring a specific business. Candidates must submit a YouTube video in which they explain, present, inspire, or convince us as well as for the reason they deserve to win this scholarship. There are no conditions or requirements for the video. Be as creative as you want. Please keep bids between 2 and 10 minutes. The winning submission will be the one that most clearly and creatively transmits a starting strategy to finish how you will use social sales in a job application process. You may not know it yet, but employers use words like “target customers” when referring to you, the consumer, a lot. Well, now, it’s your turn to return the tables and use our strategies and tactics “against us” to be hired by your target employer! Or, at least pretend to deal with financial assistance from Help with Revenuzen. Show us what you have!


Revenuezen will provide the amount of $ 1,000 pricing to cover their study expenses in the United States.


  • Applications are accepted from all nationalities.
  • Candidates must choose an undergraduate program in any subject offered by the University
  • The return price of Revenuezen is open to any high school, college, or university student in the world.

How to Apply

  • To be accepted, submit an application on the website from January 1st of each year.
  • To be taken into account for the opportunity this year, please download your video submission on YouTube and write up to 150 words to make your description relevant and convincing, and include a link at the top or at the bottom of your description.
  • Students must have a certificate of degree with top-notch grades.
  • Aspirants must need to prove excellence in written and spoken the English language.


Avail RevenueZen Scholarship and gain educational benefits In the USA before its deadline of December 15

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