Susquehanna University – Merit awards for International Students, USA

Merit awards are always a harbinger for academically eligible students. They bring in a wave of opportunities and so does this award. If you intend to study undergraduate program in the USA and you’re a foreign student who requires funding, wait no more because Susquehanna University has got your back by its funding program renewed for a new session.

Susquehanna university is Lutheran-based Missionary Institute and is renowned for providing quality education by focusing on only undergraduate programs in the liberal arts sector. The college is sort of a central educationally renowned body in the rural region.

Why should you apply?

With the admission, students are destined to embark on an innovative journey toning their skills academically and socially. Their active participation in extra-curricular activities, otherwise foreign to them, is also encouraged here.

Eligibility Criteria for Susquehanna University – Merit awards for International Students, USA


Undergraduate degree in any subject area.


Level of academic achievements determines the eligibility for the award

Procedure to Apply for Susquehanna University – Merit awards for International Students, USA

International Student Financial Aid Application should be completed after being enrolled at university.


Must attach your copy of passport, two letters of recommendation school report form send directly to the Office of admission.


Applicants must provide high school transcripts.


The University requires standardized test scores of TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo English Test.

Grant Benefits

Consistent academic success ensures renewal and provision of the award up to $40,000

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