Swinburne University of Technology X LinkedIn International Scholarship in Australia

Swinburne University’s X LinkedIn International honor is an exceptionally energizing and productive plan for Swinburne’s current understudies and first-time rookies.
In the event that you are picked for this program, you will get the chance to win elite access to LinkedIn Learning for the length of your investigations, and a 30% expense decrease for any units finished on the web. Applications are restricted to seaward global understudies.

Why Study at the Swinburne University of Technology?

The Swinburne University of Technology is an enormous network where energetic and socially various individuals cooperate. It is known for conveying world-class instruction in a wide scope of fields. It has been giving a commitment to making social and financial effects through its exploration and advancements.
Swinburne is helping understudies understand their latent capacity and accomplish their objectives. By giving plenty of instructive chances, it generally endeavors to achieve positive change in understudies.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Qualified Countries: All nations with the exception of Australia and New Zealand
  • Qualified Course or Subjects: Undergraduate or advanced education program in the building, plan liveliness, film and TV, expressions, the executives, data innovation, and so forth.
  • Qualification Criteria: To be qualified, the candidates must meet all the accompanying measures:
  • Candidates must be a seaward universal understudy proceeding with your Swinburne undergrad or postgraduate course by means of online conveyance mode in your nation of origin in the period between June 2021 and December 2021
  • Candidates must be a seaward worldwide candidate applying for your Swinburne undergrad or postgraduate course outside of Australia or New Zealand and beginning by means of online conveyance mode in your nation of origin in the period between June 2021 and December 2021.
  • Must arrangement to initiate or proceed with your course, on the web, from your nation of origin, to head out to grounds when the circumstance changes.
  • Not have the option to head out to Australia for nearby examinations due to COVID-19 travel limitations.

How to Apply?

  • The most effective method to Apply: Students must need to join up with an endorsed course at the college and subsequent to being selected you will get an email from the college.
  • Supporting Documents: These are the records that must be submitted along with the application: Pre-capability degree, duplicates of scholarly transcripts, declarations of English language capability, an announcement, and a duplicate of identification.
  • Affirmation Requirements: To take confirmation in the undergrad program, candidates should have secondary school recognition. For ace degree program, they should have a four-year college education program a licensed establishment
  • Language Requirement: For the vast majority of the course, the college acknowledges the accompanying English capability: IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE (Academic), C1 Advanced, Common European Framework, and VCE (EAL). To fulfill the language prerequisites of the college, you should have one of the capabilities given previously.


This help will furnish to every qualified understudy with:
  • Restrictive access to LinkedIn Learning for the length of your investigations.
  • 30% expense decrease for any units finished online before showing up in Australia.


Deadline of this scholarship is in September.
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