The Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship at Harvard University

The Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship is an annual scholarship which is awarded to two outstanding Australian students every year which are successful in securing seats in a Harvard Graduate School to study in the United States.

Australia is popular for the number of scholarships opportunities it provides to national as well as international students. Like so many other scholarships Australia provides, Robert Gordon award is the key to the door of success for students.

The scholarship program is administrated by the ANU and is awarded in partnership with The Harvard Club of Australia and The Australian National University for postgraduate study in USA.

History Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship:

This scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards offered to students by Australia. The significance of this scholarship takes us back to 1967, when this was started specifically to honor Australian prime minister and states men.

Why RGM Award? Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship

This scholarship will cover your academic expenses of your year at Harvard which are up to USD60,000. An additional Menzies scholarship of $60000 may be awarded at the discretion of HCA philanthropy for study in Harvard business school.

The candidates who are most likely to get this scholarship are not only the ones excellent in their studies, but also have a significant interest in contributing in the development of the nation and country itself.

Eligibility Criteria Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship:

To apply for this scholarship, you must be graduated from an Australian college or other recognized Australian territory institution. Moreover, you should

  • Be Australian citizen and be residing in Australia
  • Be willing to return to return to Australia after completing your education or be willing to represent Australia overseas
  • Not have studied in united states before
  • Not have accepted any other scholarship award

You also should have applied to Harvard in the subject of your interest before applying for this scholarship and must be confident that you will get admission there.

Other than this, selection committee does not give preference to any specific field. All fields are given a chance of selection equally.

However, some other factors that might be considered are

  • Your financial resources and needs available at the moment of application
  • The committee may consider the academic achievements of past scholars as well

Preference might be given to those who are not duplicating graduate studies previously taken in some other institution.


The applications are now open and would close on 7th Feb 2021. The application forms are in pdf format. If you require in some other format, please contact:

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