UQ International Scholarship (UQI)

If you want to study in Australia and just become eligible for Postgraduate, PhD studies then you are lucky because University of Queensland (UQ) has announced scholarship for the academic year of 2022 -2023 in any of the available Postgraduate, PhD degree program. These scholarships will be awarded under the title of UQ International Scholarship (UQI) to the hardworking, talented and deserving students. This educational award will provide you a Full Funding, Scholarship covers tuition fees and provides $26,288 per annum depending upon the scholarship you earn. The best track record you have the more coverage you will be able to receive. The deadline to avail this scholarship has not finalized yet but make sure to check the program website if any latest development in this matter has been made.

The UQI scholarships are awarded competitively, based on merit, to outstanding international students undertaking a research higher degree.

Eligibility: Applicants must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible to apply for the UQ International Scholarship (UQI):

  • Be an international student studying full-time and onshore in Australia.
  • Be nominated by the enrolling school or institute.
  • Be assessed by the Graduate School as meeting all conditions for admission to the research higher degree program.
  • Not hold a qualification at the same or a higher level than the research higher degree program you are undertaking.
  • Not be receiving an award, scholarship or salary providing a benefit greater than 75% of the UQI rate to undertake the research higher degree program.
  • A part-time student, who is resident on a temporary resident visa, with career’s responsibilities, a medical condition or a disability which prevents them from studying full time may be eligible for scholarship consideration, on a case by case basis.
  • Students can be considered for scholarship twice. Consideration can be prior to enrolment, or in any scholarship round up to and including the first round after the confirmation milestone is achieved.
  • In instances where the candidate is awarded a scholarship after commencement there will be no retrospective payments of this scholarship.
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